You are registered for our trip at Bilstain.

Time slot:

We expect you at the appointed hour (Morning 10am sharp - afternoon 2pm sharp) at the back where the G-Power (camionette) is located.

What to bring/ wear:

Prepare for the weather conditions.
Be prepared that you are doing sports training and that sweating will happen even in winter, so don't dress too thick :-).

- Own motorbike if you do not use a rental

- clothing that may get dirty

- solid shoes

- gloves

- water/ drink

If you do not have a helmet or harness, please let us know and we will provide these for you. We provide this for FREE.

Please do let us know in advance. We do NOT provide this as standard.


There is a cafeteria in Bilstain that you can use but G-Power provides for the kids:

12U: Sandwiches

17h: Snack

Place to be:

AU PAIRRON 65 - 4831 Bilstain

After paying the entrance fee of €20 (this can change) at the barrier, drive on until you see G-Power (van).

Parking & changing can be done on site.
Small toilet you can use in the countryside, large toilet is in the café at the barrier.


Should you be delayed or have an emergency, you may always call/what's app to the trainer Glenn 0494/76.06.68.

Picking up the phone will be a little more difficult for Glenn.

If you have any questions or comments & you don't find them above, please feel free to let us know .

With sporting greetings,

Glenn & Gwendy